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All-Inclusive Yacht Vacations

Experience a luxury vacation aboard a yacht charter!

The dream vacation you’ve been looking for is here. Overnight charters are an incredible way to explore the beautiful US & British Virgin Islands!

You can now explore overnight charters and book online. Explore this page for photos, details, pricing & more.



a small boat in a body of water
Experience of a Lifetime

I recently had the pleasure of booking a USVI/BVI yacht charter through Caribbean Concierge, and I can't say enough about how amazing the experience was! From the moment we inquired about the charter to the day we disembarked, they provided top-notch service. The level of professionalism and attention to detail was truly outstanding. We loved our captain and crew and made memories with our family that I am sure we will never forget. Thank you, Caribbean Concierge!

a group of people on a boat in the water
A Dream Caribbean Charter Experience!

Our crew was exceptional. Captain Mark and his team went above and beyond to make our journey unforgettable. They were not only highly skilled and safety-conscious but also warm, friendly, and accommodating. They made us feel like royalty. Our itinerary was well-planned, and we got to explore some of the most stunning and less-crowded spots in the Caribbean. We visited secluded beaches, vibrant coral reefs for snorkeling, and picturesque beachfront dining areas. It was a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

a boat sitting on top of a table
Flexibility and Freedom

The onboard chef, Sarah, deserves a special mention. Every meal was a culinary delight. We indulged in fresh seafood, local specialties, and gourmet treats that exceeded our expectations. Dining on the deck with the backdrop of the Caribbean sunset was a highlight of our trip. What we loved most about this charter was the freedom it offered. We could change our plans on a whim, exploring hidden gems or just relaxing on the catamaran. The crew was always ready to accommodate our wishes.