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Private Powerboat Charters under $995 in St. Thomas and St. John!

Customize your group’s perfect day on the water with snorkeling, beach hopping, and more! Ideal for groups of 4 or more.

Enjoy the freedom to choose your activities and explore at your own pace!

a group of people swimming in a body of water


1.  $700 for 7 hours, up to 6 people – Inclusive of captain, snorkel gear for all guests,  cooler with ice and water, and a Bluetooth speaker.

Departs in St. Thomas
Departs in St. John


2.  Starts at $795 for 6 hours, up to 6 people – Inclusive of captain, snorkel gear, pool noodles for snorkeling or floating, cooler with ice, bottled water, Bluetooth sound system, coast guard safety gear, and a complimentary pick-up and drop off!

Departs in St. Thomas
Departs in St. John


3.  $900 for 7 hours, up to 6 people – Includes snorkel gear, coolers with ice, swim noodles, rafts, Bluetooth sound system, and activities like land and beach excursions, snorkeling, free diving, and beach bar hopping.

Departs in St. Thomas
Departs in St. John


4.  Starts at $950 for 7 hours, up to 6 people – Includes snorkel gear, noodles, fresh water rinse, cooler with ice and bottled water, and Bluetooth sound system. Offers a trip to the BVI!

Departs in St. Thomas
Departs in St. John


5. $995 for 7 hours, up to 6 people – Enjoy a private 29′ World Cat with extended Bimini, guided by a knowledgeable captain. Includes snorkel gear, floats, shower, ladder, life jackets, stocked cooler, Bluetooth, and dry storage.

Departs in St. Thomas


6. $900 for 6 hours, up to 6 people – Includes bottled water, ice, coolers, painkillers (rum drinks), pool noodles, marine bean bag chair, iPad hookup, and options for lunch at Water Island, Lime Out, Lovango, or Pizza Pi.

Departs in St. John


💡 TRAVEL TIP: Remember to bring Sunscreen that is reef safe 🐟 and is NOT spray on, as most boats don’t allow the spray on to protect the boat! 🛥


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From $999

Enjoy a private day cruising aboard our beautiful 41ft powerboat. There is plenty of space for up to 11 people. We provide morning and afternoon snacks, water, soda, beer, wine and an island cocktail. We make 1 to 2 stops in St John/St Thomas where you will get to snorkel, swim & relax in the morning prior to lunch. After lunch we make an additional 1-2 stops for more snorkeling or relaxing with adult beverages.