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The 9 Best Beaches in St. John US Virgin Islands

Honeymoon Beach – North Shore St. John | BEAUTIFUL SNORKELING Honeymoon is one of our favorite beaches. If driving, you can park at Caneel Bay Resort and take a golf cart shuttle down to the beach. It is $10/person. You can also hike to this beach from the Lind Point Trail if you’re wanting to be a little more active before your beach day!

Hawksnest Bay – North Shore St. John | EASY ACCESS Hawksnest parking is limited, so be sure to arrive early! You don’t want to miss this beach. This beach is located right be the road, so it’s less than a one minute walk to have your toes in the sand. Enjoy the array of blues in the ocean and natural shade at Hawksnest.  Look up from Hawksnest for an amazing view of Peace Hill and after your beach day walk up Peace Hill for an amazing view of Hawksnest! There is no fee to enter this beach.

Oppenheimer Beach – North Shore St. John | HISTORY The property was the home of Robert Oppenheimer, who created the Atomic Bomb. You may recognize this beach in photos with the famous tire swing that’s no longer on the beach.  You can park at the top and take a short walk down the drive way. It’s one of our favorite beaches fore the history that lives there and it usually a pretty quiet spot.

Dennis Bay – North Shore St. John | RELAXATION There is a private home and property on this beach, so be sure to respect the privacy of the owners and come here for a low key day. Relax with your toes in the powdery white sand here for a peaceful day. You can also take a short hike to Peace Hill from Dennis Bay. There is no entrance fee for this beach. 

Jumbie Bay – North Shore St. John | WAVES Jumbie Bay is a small beach with a big wow factor. There is limited parking here, so be sure to arrive early. There is often a high surf which makes for beautiful ocean sounds to relax in a beach chair while reading – but not the best for snorkeling. If you want to snorkel here, check out the reef between Jumbie and Trunk Bay. There is no entrance fee for this beach.

Trunk BayNorth Shore St. John | ICONIC This incredible beach is most well known for the incredible overlook you can stop to observe, take photos, and GASP at it’s beauty on your way to the beach. The pristine clear turquoise water, the powdery white sand and the underwater snorkel trail are just a few of the things that keep people coming back year after year. There is a small entrance fee to Trunk Bay – tip: if you’re planning on visiting the beach more than once it is worth it to buy the yearly family pass. Arrive early for parking. Chair rentals, snorkel rental & food and drink available.

Cinnamon Bay – North Shore St. John | VIEWS  Enjoy views of the famous Peter Bay mansions from this beach. There is an incredible ruin here where you can look through an open window into the most incredible beach you’ve ever seen (see photo above!) Cinnamon Bay was known for it’s incredible camp ground prior to the devastating hurricanes of 2017. However… there is news that it is reopening soon! 

Maho Bay – North Shore St. John | SEA TURTLES  Do you want to snorkel with sea turtles, sting ray and possibly a harmless shark? Maho Bay is your beach! The most sea turtles can be found by snorkeling to the right of this beach. There is limited parking here, so be sure to arrive early. There is very easy access to the beach as it is located right off the road. Also has great beach rentals and beach bar with seating! There is no entrance fee for this beach. 

Francis Bay – North Shore St. John | LOW KEY Francis Bay is located on the other side of Maho Bay and is another great beach for snorkeling. Go to the left to snorkel the reef and enjoy the calm waters. This beach is a little more “off the beaten path” and you’ll often see deer peak out of the trees as you make the short drive down a dirt road. This is a great place for a relaxing and laid back day. There is no entrance fee for this beach. 

As always, please respect the animals of our beaches – stay distant from the sea turtles when snorkeling and never touch them. And remember, don’t feed the donkeys.