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We get asked all the time – what are the best things to pack for my trip to the US Virgin Islands? Here are a few things you can order online before your trip and easily pack so that you can start your vacation as soon as you arrive! 

1. Reef Safe Sunscreen

Reef Safe Sunscreen is not only recommended, it is actually required by law in the USVI to help keep our oceans safe! Sunscreens containing the three Os — oxybenzone, octocrylene and octinoxate – harm our coral reefs and are (thankfully) banned in the territory.

Here are three reef safe sunscreens you can purchase and pack:


2.  Snorkel Gear

There is endless amazing snorkeling to be had in St. Thomas and St. John. Packing snorkel gear is a must, easier than finding places to rent gear, and generally less expensive than renting gear for your trip – too! 

Here are two of our favorite sets of Snorkel Gear:

3. Beach Tent 

Most beaches in the Virgin Islands allow for tents to be put up, and if you’re coming to have long relaxing days on the beach it’s so nice to have extra coverage!

4. Keep the Bugs Away

We have some fun friends who come out around sunset at the beach! “No-See-Ums” tend to come out and though they are selective of who they bite, don’t let them ruin your vacation! Skin So Soft is a tried and true repellent against these tiny terrors. Grab the oil or the wipes below and you’ll be prepared!

5.  Protect Your Valuables

Want to take underwater photos at the beach or just keep your things dry on your boat day? Here are our favorite waterproof items thatmake


6. Underwater Camera

This 5 star digital underwater camera is a great way to capture your underwater memories and not worry about damaging your phone!

7. Rash Guards 

Rash guards are great for sun protection while you are here! Grab one from Amazon and buy all the others from your favorite restaurants and boat charters in the USVI! Here’s our favorites for men, women and kids.



We left off a few things like beach chairs (which aren’t easy to travel with) and beach towels (your accommodations should have beach towels!). These are just a few great items that can make your vacation that much more relaxing and are easy to pack and bring! 

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